HARGA TAWARAN: RM17.00 /10Tablets

4x More Bio-Available Than Regular Effervescent Vitamin C

Taking Vitamin C is now more fun and effective with delicious pine lime effervescent Ester C®

Gets absorbed into the bloodstream better and faster than other Vitamin Cs
Stays in the body 2x longer than regular Vitamin C (Excreted into the urine at a slower rate)
Increases tissue / white blood cell levels 4x higher than regular Vitamin C

Suitable for people of all ages, especially those who do not like pill-popping. Because it is absorbed rapidly and offers faster effects, Ester C® is great for when you want an emergency dose of Vitamin C (i.e. at the onset of an illness) or when you want a high dose of Vitamin C without suffering from side effects like diarrhoea and gas.

½ - 1 tablet for adults
¼ - ½ tablet for children

Regular Vitamin C
Effervescent Ester C®
Highly acidic. Can cause digestive discomfort, gas and bloating. High doses can cause diarrhoea Neutral. Non-acidic. Very gentle on the stomach. Does not cause discomfort, gas and diarrhoea
May be corrosive to teeth, causing sensitivity and tooth decay Does not harm teeth. Strengthens the gums & promotes healthy teeth
May increase the risk of excruciatingly painful kidney stones Eliminates the risk of kidney stones
Only 10-20% is absorbed. The rest is flushed down the toilet Absorption exceeds 98% so there is minimal wastage
Absorption is slower. Quickly excreted out of the body Works 2x faster. Stays effective 2x longer
Lower tissue levels of Vitamin C achieved due to low absorption & fast excretion
Increases Vitamin C levels in the tissue 4x higher
Since Ester C® is absorbed more readily and excreted more slowly, it increases white blood cell ascorbate levels 4x more than regular Vitamin C. This means that the 1,000mg of Vitamin C in Ester C® is equivalent to 4,000mg of regular Vitamin C!

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