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Burns fat for 8 hours when applied!
Slap it on and go about your routine!
Uses only natural, yet effective ingredients!
No more hard-to-adhere-to diets!
No more hours of exhausting exercise!

You don't have to starve yourself with harsh diets. Or exercise round the clock. Spot slimming is super-easy now with the Lélan Vital Body Shaping Patch. Just put it on the right spot and you're good to go!

Developed in Korea, this revolutionary patch is the easiest solution for those "hard-to-lose" areas of fat. No rubbing. No massaging. No tired arms. Just very targeted and automatic slimming, wherever you put the patch.

It's great for busy individual! Just put the Body Shaping Patch on at the beginning of the day and go about your business. It's totally discreet with no strong fragrance to compete with perfume. If you want, you can wear the patch overnight so that you burn away fat even while you're sleeping.

Trans-dermal technology for deep-down results!

The trans-dermal technology utilized by the Body Shaping Patch delivers slimming ingredients deep into the problem area and spurs your body's metabolism. These "thermogenic" ingredients trigger a temperature change in the chosen area and encourage it to lose fat. First, you feel a wave of heat, then a wave of cool. This promotes optimum fat burning.

Health professionals worldwide are calling trans-dermal patches "the delivery system of the future" because it delivers much more active ingredients through the skin compared to conventional creams.

8-Hour Active Action

The potent ingredients in the Body Shaping Patch are:

Capsicum- Commonly known as red hot chili peppers, this ingredient provides the initial sensation of heat. Capsicum is known to burn fat and improves microcirculation where applied…

- this ingredient provides a cool sensation that follows the heating sensation of Capsicum. It triggers thermogenesis, prompting the body to lose fat…

L-carnitine - This miracle ingredient transforms fat into energy…

Caffeine - Another well-known slimming ingredient to coax fat cells into releasing and giving up their fat reserves for effective slimming effects and cellulite removal…

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